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General Services

Shipping Services

General Information

Art Services

Please note: The following information is relevant to Digital Printing Orders. While much of the information is the same as for Screen Printing and Embroidery Orders, the customer is advised to read this document for information specific to Digital Printing Orders.

General Services

PAPER COLOR PROOF: $20.00 each


CUSTOM ART: $40.00 (x) per hour


Shipping Services

SHIPPING METHODS: All goods are shipped UPS Ground or Federal Express uninsured unless specified on the customer purchase order. UPS and Federal Express special shipping services are available upon written request.

TERMS OF SHIPMENT: We are not responsible for shipping delays by any carrier. All goods are shipped at the buyer's risk. We do not insure on time delivery by the freight carrier or safe carriage of goods. Title to good passes to the customer at the FOB point.

SPLIT SHIPMENT: Split shipments are available at a charge of $6.00 (x) per location. All split shipment addresses must be included with the purchase order.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: All international shipments are billed at freight cost plus a $20.00 administrative fee per destination. The customer is responsible for all international shipping tariffs and tax information required by the destination country. All information must be either included with or on the related purchase order. 


General Information

QUOTATIONS: Price quotations are valid for 30 days and only on the specifically quoted item(s) and requested print specifications. The increase or decrease of print quantity will result in new pricing. Print quantities are calculated by multiplying the number of copies by the number of pages in each file not the total number of pages printed per order. The same file printed on different stock will be seen as individual print quantities. 

TERMS: New orders requiring shipping are sent COD Cash, Certified Check, Money Order, Company Check, UPS Ground Pre-pay or may be paid in advance with a credit card. We accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover. Orders placed for pick-up required a deposit of 1/2 the estimated total order amount when order is placed, with the remaining balance due when goods are received by customer. We accept cash, company check, certified check, money order, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover. Credit applications are available to those companies wanting to establish credit with Summit Graphics, Inc. However, orders are COD until the signed credit application and personal Guaranty of Payment has been received and the credit application approved. Returned checks are subject to a $25.00 charge and company check privileges may be revoked.

PURCHASE ORDERS: All orders require a written or faxed purchase order. Verbal purchase orders will not be accepted. Incorrect or incomplete purchase orders will not be accepted. Incorrect or incomplete purchase orders which require clarification will not be processed or scheduled for production until corrected.

DIGITAL PRINTING ORDER SUBMISSION FORM: Summit provides a Digital Printing Order Submission Form for the customer to submit with their order. The purpose of this form is to aid the customer in placing their order by providing a check list of products and services and requests for the information necessary to complete your order. While this form is not mandatory, its use is recommended. 

LESS THAN MINIMUM ORDERS: Orders will not be accepted for quantities less than the lowest quantity level listed on the catalog price sheet.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Orders will be acknowledged only upon request.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Customers must advise factory in writing regarding special event dates. All special event dates must appear on the purchase order at the time the order is submitted. The factory will advise if the event date cannot be met or if special shipping may be required. The factory is not responsible for the delay of any freight carrier. The customer is advised to allow ample time for shipping.

PRODUCT AVAILABILITY: Ever effort is made to ensure catalog goods are available at all times. We cannot guarantee product availability during peak seasonal periods. We will notify the customer promptly when goods are not available and will also suggest alternative products.

LEAD/PRODUCTION TIME: Production time for digital printing is normally 3-5 working days from the date the written purchase order is received and clarifications are complete. In the event lead time should exceed 15 working days the factory will notify the customer. Art received, customization, changes to the order, or other circumstances beyond our control may result in increased lead time.

CANCELLATIONS: Orders may be cancelled. Cancellations must be confirmed in writing. The customer is responsible for all costs incurred prior to the receipt of the cancellation. These costs may include, but are not limited to, the costs of material, art services, and pre-production expenses.

RETURNED GOODS: Requests to return goods must be made in writing within 5 days of the ship date. Goods may not be returned without a written Return Authorization from the factory. Permission may be obtained via phone, fax, or in writing, however, a written response must be received before goods may be returned. All return goods must have the Return Goods Authorization Number posted on the shipping label. Goods MAY NOT be returned for the following reasons:

             1. Mistakes in the file submitted by the customer.

             2. Any product printed in the absence of a customer supplied color proof.

              3. Products printed where a Summit color proof was provided and approved by customer. 


Art Services

ARTWORK: Artwork should be submitted as a black on white photo mechanical transfer (PMT), laser printed reproduction (minimum 300dpi), or line art as a black on white using pen and ink. Black and white art may not be less than 50 percent of the actual imprint size. Original art in color or black and white may be submitted in its original format or as a color transparency duplication (6x6cm, 4x5inches, 8x10or 35mm), reflection art (maximum 8x14). Scanning, color correction, and/or art preparation charges may apply to art submitted as a duplication. Files may also be submitted digitally.

DIGITALLY SUBMITTED ART WORK: Summit supports numerous software applications and file formats. Please see Digitally Submitted Art Work for a complete list and further details.

ART CHARGES: Please note that there are some instances where additional art charges apply. The customer will be notified prior to production if any additional editing is necessary. Additional art charges may apply to art work which is not camera ready, requires retouching, custom type styles, or modifications to originals. Art that is not camera ready will be subject to additional art charges. Faxed or photocopied art is not acceptable as camera ready art.  If specific instructions are not submitted with the purchase order, we will use our best judgment in the final design. We will not be held responsible for factory designs in the absence of specific art instructions.

TRADEMARK AND/OR COPYRIGHT USAGE: All imprint copy specifications submitted for production will be accepted by the factory as being in full compliance with all applicable laws regarding trademark, service mark, copyright, right of privacy, patent, or similar protection. The customer hereby agrees to hold the factory harmless from any liability which may result from factory's usage of art submitted by customer.

DIGITAL IMAGING / EDITING CHARGES: Please note that there are some instances where additional art charges may apply. Files that require repairing or editing will be subject to charges. Examples include, but are not limited to, adding cut marks, centering to page, allowing for grips, missing fonts, corrupted files, incorrect file preparation, specific file name not specified on a disk with multiple files, and color correction.