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Summit offers several in-house finishing services to complete your digital printing order.


9858-99999 Cutting

     Have your order cut to the exact size you need. Get the full bleed you desire with our custom cutting services. 


9965-99999 Scoring

     Enhance the fold of printed cover weight stock by pre-scoring. Ideal for printed note cards, catalog and brochure covers.


9964-99999 Perforation

    Printed cover or text weight stock is easy to tear or separate when perforated. Ideal for coupons, ticket stubs, or tear off forms.


9859-99999 Folding

     Summit offers four different folds for your printed materials.


     Click here to learn more about our lamination services.  

     Click here to learn more about lamination services for our wide format papers. 



     Summit currently offers the following two types of binding services:

          Saddle Stitch

          Twin Loop Wire Binding


Variable Data

     Save time and personalize communications by combining any of our products with Variable Data! Variable Data allows you to customize each piece of printing, from a personalized greeting with their name to having the addresses printed on the piece to avoid endless hours of sticking on labels. An Excel file, fixed width text, comma delimited text file, or a MS Access .mdb table with the information you would like customized is all you need to start using Variable Data!