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Screen Printing Information, Services, Terms, and Conditions


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          Summit Graphics does many contract orders involving screen printing. All Screen Printing Information, Services, Terms and Conditions still apply unless otherwise specified on this page.

PRODUCTION SCHEDULING: Goods are scheduled for production from the date the written purchase order, final art approval, and goods have been received, whichever is later.


SHIPPING: The customer is responsible for all in-bound and out-hound freight charges and insurance on contract goods. Summit Graphics is not responsible for shortages on in-bound drop shipments due to defective or missing goods. All terms listed in the "Shipping Services" section apply to contract embroidery goods.


DROP SHIPMENTS OF IN-BOUND FREIGHT: Customers are welcome to have their contract goods drop shipped to Summit Graphics. However, the customer must inform Summit where the goods are coming from, the quantities, sizes, and a description of each item at least one day prior to the date goods are to be received.


GOODS: The shipping department will do their best to identify goods received based on the information given, but will not be held responsible for misidentified goods. Customers are responsible for damaged or missing goods. The factory will verify quantities received and will inspect garments upon receipt but cannot guarantee that all defective goods will be found and removed prior to production. Due to the frequency of defective goods in a shipment, the factory recommends the customer include an extra garment per size with the order to ensure the order is shipped complete. The customer is responsible for all defective goods and must contact their supplier regarding manufacturing defects in the garment.


RETURNED GOODS: Only garments with defects in embroidery application may be returned to Summit Graphics, and must be reported within 5 days of receipt of order.


DEFECTIVE IMPRINT POLICY: Allow up to 2% of total imprints produced over the life of contract to be misprints. The contract commences upon receipt of first purchase order.