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          Four Color Process Screen Printing breaks a design down into the subtractive primary process colors: cyan, magenta, and yellow. A process black is added for density, and a clear super guard is added for imprint durability. Reproducing images with a wide variety of colors and blends becomes very economical with Four Color Process because it only uses four inks. 


          Four Color Process is an excellent choice for reproducing photography, watercolor, oil painting, pencil drawing, computer generated art, as well as many other media onto textiles. Summit carefully analyzes in-house separations for correct color balance, out of gamut colors, overall tone quality and screen limitations to make sure every imprint is an accurate reproduction of the original.


          Four Color Process Direct Screen Printing is available on T-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops and more. Four Color Process is for white, natural or ash colored garments only. For dark garments, spot process is recommended to ensure image brightness and accuracy. Please note that some loss of image brightness will occur on ash garments. An additional white highlight printer may be recommended for ash and natural shirts.


Recommended Garments: The Hanes 100% cotton Beefy-T or the Jerzees High Cotton 100% 6.3 oz. T-Shirt is recommended for maximum quality output. Sweatshirts should be atleast a 9oz. weight with a set-in sleeve. Lower quality garments will result in a loss of image sharpness, color saturation, and tone range.


Screen Charges: $15.00 (x) per color


Separations by Summit: $10.00 (x) per color

Customers may submit their designed art to be separated by Summit. Please consult the Digitally Submitted Artwork and Digital Files page for more details on supported file types and software.


Customer Supplied Separations: Customers are welcome to supply their own separations on either velum or film. The separations must abide by the following specifications. 
Postscript linear halftones must be at 55 or 65 line. 
Stochastic halftones must be 127 micron. 
Four registration marks must be included, one on each corner.
The maximum image area of 15W x 18H includes the registration marks and cannot be exceeded.

Customers supply separations at their own risk. If separations go to press and fail to print correctly, the customer will be assessed a Production Proof Set-Up Charge of $25.00 per color. Summit Graphics is not responsible for the output from customer supplied separations.


Maximum Image Size: 15" W x 18" H for adult garments small and bigger with set-in sleeves.

For youth garments, please consult the Maximum Image Area for Youth Garments table located on the Maximum Image Areas for Screen Printing page.


Maximum Number of Colors: Four Color Process involves cyan, magenta, yellow and black with a Super Guard Clear Coat. Customers may add up to 3 additional spot colors. Spot colors can be chose from our Stock Inks, Specialty Inks, or a PMS Color Match can be specified for $35.00 per color. Please consult the Ink Colors page for more details.


Production Proof: The cost of a Four Color Process Proof is a minimum of $125.00 plus garment cost (unless order is for Contract Screen Printing). This includes the set-up charge of $25.00 per color (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, and Super Guard Clear Coat. This cost may increase if additional spot colors are used.