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Specialty Inks: Summit Graphics offers several specialty inks. These inks include Glow-in-the-Dark, Gold and Silver Shimmers and Chromatic Inks. Only prices on quotes specifically referring to a specialty ink will be honored. Click here for more information on Specialty Inks.


PMS Color Match: Customers may request a PMS Color Match if a particular color is desired. The charge for this service is $35.00 per color. This charge applies to repeat orders.


Stock Inks: A list of all Stock Inks is given below. The customer will no incur PMS Match Charges if Stock Inks are used. The name of each ink is shown in a representative color of the ink, however the customer should not rely on the display for complete accuracy of color. The PMS match has been given for each of these inks. The customer should refer to a Pantone Color Guide for accuracy and color match.