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          Spot Process Screen Printing is the latest in the screen Printing technology! While traditional CMYK process Screen Printing is limited to light colored garments, Spot Process Screen Printing is not. Spot Process incorporates specific colors to make imprints look their brightest even on the darkest of shirts! Each design is carefully analyzed and specific colors are chosen to achieve the best look possible on the garment. Spot Process Screen Printing is available on T-Shirts, sweatshirts, tank top and more.


Recommended Garments: The Hanes 100% cotton Beefy-T or the Jerzees High Cotton 100% 6.3oz. T-Shirt is recommended for maximum quality output. Sweatshirts should be at least a 9oz. weight with set-in sleeve. Lower quality Garments will result in a loss of image sharpness, color saturation, and tone range.


Screen Charges: $15.00 (x) per color


Separations by Summit: $10.00 (x) per color

Customers may submit their designed art to be separated by Summit Graphics. Please consult the Digitally Submitted Artwork and Digital Files page for more details on supported file types and software.


Customer Supplied Separations: Customer Supplied Separations are not recommended. Please call for specifications for Customer Supplied Separations. Customers supply separations at their own risk. If separations go to press and fail to print correctly, the customer will be assessed a Production Proof Set-Up Charge of $25.00 per color. Summit Graphics is not responsible for the output from Customer Supplied Separations.


Maximum Image Size: 15" W x 18" H for adult garments small and bigger with set-in sleeve.

For youth garments, please consult the Maximum Image Area for Youth Garments table located on the Maximum Image Areas for Screen Printing page.


Maximum Number of Colors: 8 for art not requiring an under printer and/or flash. 6 for art requiring an under printer and/or flash.


Production Proof: The cost of a Spot Process Proof is $25.00 per color plus garment cost (unless order is for Contract Screen Printing).